Absorptiometry and density measurement

This Sensor (OLAS), fabricated by the Werne&Thiel GbR company sends light into the material of interest (medium) and makes use of the accurately measured absorption of light to determine the composition of medium.

By this method not only the composition of water slurries, suspensions and composite materials of all kinds (e.g. cement slurry, chemical pulp, etc.) can be determined, but also the thickness of foils and coatings and much else. Whatever in production, manufacturing or processing results in a change of absorption of light of medium can be measured, monitored and controlled by the OLAS .

Density measurement in concrete residual water

The development of the OLAS measuring system, an online measuring system, that determines that solid content of concrete recycling water, was initiated years ago.  It has been established into a reliable and economic measuring system reaching product maturity. OLAS, named after its functionality namely: Optical Light Absorption Sensor, makes use of a sophisticated and modernized infrared absorption measuring method, in which the measurement of light is introduced into the medium through optical fibres.

When desired, OLAS can be supplemented by the OLASTPC (OLAS Touch Panel Controller), an optimal evaluation that functions as a display and control unit that forms a complete measurement system.

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